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Priority Dispatch Corp. is a unique research company. While others have attempted to provide products and training for emergency calltaking centers, it is the only one that has used a comprehensive systems approach. Evolved from Medical Priority Consultants Inc., the company’s Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS) has been in use for over 35 years with frequent and substantial updates. Historical data shows that the system reduces costs and risk. Users of the fire and police dispatching protocols have also seen great success since they were introduced in the early 2000s.

Priority Dispatch Corp. (PDC) is the only dispatch system provider with an in-house research and development organization and the approval of a recognized body of industry experts, the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED). It developed the Priority Dispatch System (PDS) that includes the MPDS, the Fire Priority Dispatch System (FPDS), the Police Priority Dispatch System (PPDS), and the Emergency Communication Nurse System (ECNS).

Our primary products include the following: ProQA, the world’s leading emergency dispatch calltaking software that utilizes the IAED’s MPDS, FPDS, and PPDS; AQUA, a performance management and quality assurance software that interfaces with ProQA; and LowCode, the software that runs the ECNS, a nurse triage system for non-emergency calls.
Priority dispatching took an amazing leap in 1978 when Dr. Jeff J. Clawson issued his first Medical Protocol for use in telephone patient triage. His system provided protocols for prioritizing responses of emergency vehicles and personnel. The MPDS, FPDS, PPDS, and ECNS have gained credibility over the course of 35 years of testing, improvements, and millions of cases. The American College of Emergency Physicians, National Association of EMS Physicians, American Society for Testing and Materials, and National Institutes of Health have all recognized Dr. Clawson’s visionary system as appropriate intervention. Moreover, the PDS has been established as a mandatory practice in many provinces, states, shires, and municipalities in the U.S., Canada, and around the world.


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