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Teaching Systems, Inc. is proud to offer products from these award winning companies:
Product CategoriesVendors
3D PrintersMakerbot, Markforged
Advanced ManufacturingMakerbot, Epilog Laser, Lonestar Cutting Solutions (EZ Router / Plasma), Intelitek / JobMaster, Lucas-Nuelle
Agri-ScienceLonestar Cutting Solutions (EZ Router / Plasma), Intelitek / JobMaster
Air Conditioning and HeatingLucas-Nuelle, Armfield
Animation / 3D Design / Game DesignZimusoft, Inc.
Automotive TechnologyLucas-Nuelle
CNC Milling MachinesLonestar Cutting Solutions (EZ Router / Plasma), Intelitek / JobMaster, Lucas-Nuelle, MasterCam
CNC Plasma Cutting TablesLonestar Cutting Solutions (EZ Router / Plasma)
CNC RoutersLonestar Cutting Solutions (EZ Router / Plasma), Intelitek / JobMaster
Communications SystemsSANS, Inc., Lucas-Nuelle, Save Corporation
Computer Aided Design / Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)Intelitek / JobMaster, In-House Solutions, Lucas-Nuelle, MasterCam, Corel DRAW, V-Carve
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)Intelitek / JobMaster, Lucas-Nuelle
Computer Numerical Control (CNC)Lonestar Cutting Solutions (EZ Router / Plasma), Intelitek / JobMaster, Lucas-Nuelle
Criminal Justice / 911 SimulatorsSave Corporation, Priority Dispatch
Electrical / ElectronicsIntelitek / JobMaster, Lucas-Nuelle, Armfield
Engineering LabsIntelitek / JobMaster, Lucas-Nuelle, Armfield, Rokenbok Education
FurnitureShuttle Furniture, Intelitek / JobMaster, Wisconsin Bench Manufacturing, Greene Manufacturing, Inc.
Green Technology / Renewable EnergyIntelitek / JobMaster, Lucas-Nuelle, Armfield
Hydraulics / PneumaticsIntelitek / JobMaster, Lucas-Nuelle, Armfield
Industrial ElectronicsIntelitek / JobMaster, Lucas-Nuelle
Language Learning LabsSANS, Inc.
Laser Engraving and CuttingEpilog Laser
Learning Management SystemsSANS, Inc., Intelitek / JobMaster, Lucas-Nuelle
Makerspace / Fab-Lab
Mathematics and ScienceIntelitek / JobMaster, Rokenbok Education, Lucas-Nuelle
Mechanical EngineeringVerisurf
MechatronicsIntelitek / JobMaster, Lucas-Nuelle, Armfield
Mobile Application DevelopmentZimusoft, Inc.
Pre-Engineering LabsIntelitek / JobMaster, Lucas-Nuelle, Armfield
Process Controls / InstrumentationIntelitek / JobMaster, Armfield, Lucas-Nuelle
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)Intelitek / JobMaster, Armfield, Lucas-Nuelle
Rapid PrototypingMakerbot, Markforged
RoboticsIntelitek / JobMaster, Rokenbok Education, Lucas-Nuelle, Vex Robotics
SimulationIntelitek / JobMaster, Armfield, Zimusoft, Inc., Lucas-Nuelle
Software DevelopmentIntelitek / JobMaster, Zimusoft, Inc., MasterCam, Lucas-Nuelle
STEM / STEAMEpilog Laser, Lonestar Cutting Solutions (EZ Router / Plasma), Intelitek / JobMaster, Makerbot, Save Corporation, Zimusoft, Inc., Armfield, Markforged, In-House Solutions, MasterCam, Vex Robotics, Rokenbok Education, Lucas-Nuelle, Miller, SANS, Inc., Priority Dispatch, Corel DRAW, V-Carve
Technology Education Learning LabsArmfield, Rokenbok Education, Vex Robotics, MasterCam, Intelitek / JobMaster, Lucas-Nuelle
Textbooks / Software / CertifcationsMasterCam, Priority Dispatch, Corel DRAW, V-Carve
Welding/Welding SimulatorsMiller

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