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Rokenbok Education is all about design and engineering for students. Through Rokenbok, students explore, problem solve, collaborate and invent just like professional designers and engineers. From basic STEM concepts like simple machines to 3d modeling and 3d printing, Rokenbok supports students’ journeys to become smart, creative and excited makers.

Rokenbok makes Mobile STEM Labs that include our
•Student design and engineering system
•Step by step introductory lessons
•More advance project design briefs
•Competitive STEM Challenges

Teachers can find support and share resources on the Rokenbok Educator’s forum and access a range of professional development tools on the Rokenbok website.

Rokenbok is also a portal into the world of 3D Modeling and 3D Printing. All of the parts found in the Rokenbok system are also available virtually. Students can download, modify and 3D Print any Rokenbok piece. For example, you are building a bicycle but none of the available curved pieces make a wheel that fits. Design your own! Use the 3D Virtual Parts Library as a jumping off point and go for it!

Rokenbok Mobile STEM Labs and STEM Maker Curriculum turn any space into a STEM lab because Rokenbok promotes hands on learning, problem solving and invention.

See how teachers are engaging their students and implementing Rokenbok in their STEM classroom.

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