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Zimusoft is a USA company that is a world leader in providing cross-plaltform, software development kits for the design, simulation and development of applications for today’s most popular mobile “smart” devices such as iPhones, IPads, and Android platform devices. Zimusoft offers three product lines for educational institutions: DragonFire SDK®, Umbrella SDK® and JamStudio®.

DragonFire SDK®: With the DragonFire SDK ® (Software Development Kit) and the associated support library of functioning sample code and curriculum materials, college students can learn the fundamentals of programming in C/C++ in Visual Studio® running on Windows®. For the first time, students can design, code and debug iPhone® applications (apps) without ever leaving Windows. With DragonFire SDK, students can develop apps for the iPhone using Windows computers as they learn the C/C++ language.


The DragonFire SDK product consists of a cross-platform Library and an iPhone® Simulator. Windows programmers see an on-screen iPhone Simulator running their code. Students can create apps that access the iPhone’s camera to take pictures or access the photo library. They can also create apps that transfer data over the Internet to communicate with web servers or use global positioning system s (GPS) to detect location or for many other exciting development opportunities. When an app is complete, an App Bundle is prepared that will run on the iPhone® and is ready for submission to the Apple iPhone® App Store. Some student apps made in Windows with DragonFire SDK are already being shipped.

Umbrella SDK®: With the Umbrella SDK ® (Software Development Kit), high school students can learn to write games for the iPhone® and Android ® based smart phones using only an available computer with a browser connection to the World Wide Web (WWW). In as little as 6 weeks, students gain valuable exposure to the world of software. Some students will even earn money from their apps!


The new Umbrella SDK provides an easy path for students and teachers to understand and use the technology of the future – which is in the palm of our hands – the smart phone. Umbrella is the first cross-platform mobile software development system that runs entirely “in the cloud”. This simply means that the software runs inside the browser – there is nothing to install on the local computer. Just go to the web site, log in and start writing code. The student can easily continue projects at home since all the code is stored with your account in the cloud (on a server).


Before Umbrella, it would have taken months of training to install, configure and navigate complex professional software development tools. Umbrella eliminates those barriers and allows students to begin experimenting and coding on day one.

JamStudio ®: JamStudio is an on-line music factory for elementary and middle-school children studying music. JamStudio enables children to discover the art of creating their own original music without learning how to play an instrument. JamStudio is made possible because of pre-programmed applications (apps) developed with the Software Development Kits of Zimusoft for smart mobile devices.


JamStudio is a chord-based music creation tool with over 250,000 sounds that gives freedom for young musicians to create music in any style. Students enter a hands-on environment where they can learn about chord progressions and song structures. JamStudio helps students get past the first phase of studying and learning existing music to creating music as well.


Students can share the songs they create to showcase and burn their creations on a compact disc (CD) to keep forever. They can e-mail their music creations to the teacher of the class as well as to their friends and family.

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