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The Machining Industry’s #1 Software is also #1 in Education

As the only CAD/CAM software company with a division dedicated to the education market, it is no wonder that an independent research company found that Mastercam continues to rank #1. Mastercam gives you the tools you need to incorporate a successful CAD/CAM course into your program. With an easy-to-learn and use interface, easy-to-teach curriculum with motivational projects, and a knowledgeable and responsive support team, Mastercam is clearly a cut above.

Mastercam Certification


The Mastercam Certification Program gives your students an extra edge with employers and increases your school’s value to the local community. Originally meant to create a benchmark for schools, many programmers see certification as a way to validate the skills they know. This makes it easier for them to get hired, and makes it easier for a shop to know that incoming programmers have what it takes.

Educational Competitions


Wildest Parts
The challenge is simple. Create a bold, original item using Mastercam. Mastercam’s Wildest Parts Competition challenges students to design and make something that is, well, wild. We’re looking for high quality parts that either haven’t been done before or have never been done like that before. Our challenge is for students to break the mold, think outside the box, and cut outside the lines.


Innovator of the Future Competition
This contest gives one lucky student an opportunity of a lifetime, and helps introduce students to real-world manufacturing by asking them to produce a specific part that will be judged by a special guest from the manufacturing industry.





Ultimately flexible and expandable.


Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS’ comprehensive suite of toolpaths and functions means there’s always more than one way to get the job done. Once you program a part, no matter how complex, you can modify any element of the job, and immediately get updated toolpaths without starting over. You can also build a library of your favorite machining strategies.


Choose any of your saved operations, apply them to a part, and Mastercam helps adapt them to the new model. Because Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS is a fully integrated SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partner, it’s fast, easy, and productive. The way programming should be.


As a Certified Gold Partner product, Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS delivers the absolute best in tight, powerful CAD/CAM integration. With Mastercam toolpaths integrated directly within the SOLIDWORKS environment, the toolpaths are applied directly to the part or assembly. Any design change that Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS encounters is handled quickly, with the affected toolpaths identified so the user can simply update them. And intelligent use of Design Tables and multiple Configurations makes working with families of parts easy.


Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS combines the world’s leading modeling software with the world’s most widely-used CAM software so you can program parts directly in SOLIDWORKS, using the toolpaths and machining strategies preferred by shops around the world.




Serious 2D capability.


Your daily needs for 2D machining can range from simple to very complex. Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS delivers the tools you need.


• Feature Based Machining (FBM) automatically programs prismatic solid model pockets, contours, and drilling routines, letting you save or change the strategies at any time.
• Contour and pocket remachining use smaller tools to automatically clean out material left from previous operations.


Dynamic Motion powers much of our 2D suite, constantly adapting to create smoother, safer motion and making better use of the entire tool.





Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS’ 2D toolpaths deliver easy and optimized pocketing, contouring, drilling, facing, and much more. Our finish is more finished.


Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS’ extensively shop-tested 3D toolpaths provide unsurpassed control on surface cuts, delivering superior finishes and optimized cycle times. Our smart hybrid finishing creates a single toolpath that changes cut methods as the slope of the model changes. And our refined 3D toolpaths give you the smooth, precision finish to please even your toughest customers.


• Dramatically efficient roughing powered by Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology.
• Constant scallop machining maintains a consistent finish on sloped and flat surfaces alike.
• Constant-Z rest milling (remachining) identifies and machines areas and critical depths that need to be cut with a smaller tool.
• Pencil tracing walks a tool along intersections to clean out hard-to-reach areas, such as internal fillets. Single or multiple passes deliver precision cleanup.


From the smallest medical part to the largest automotive mold, Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS ensures efficient roughing and precision finishing for any product.


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Summer Teacher Training


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