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Intelitek is a USA based, world-leading developer, producer and supplier of comprehensive hybrid (blended) learning solutions for training in engineering, automated manufacturing, mechatronics, industrial maintenance and advanced manufacturing technologies. The company's broad product line includes CAD, CAM, CNC, robotics, machine vision, hydraulics and pneumatics, PLCs, sensors, process control and data acquisition. Intelitek also designs and produces automated manufacturing workcells for training, ranging from small-scale flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) to complete computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) systems.

The JobMaster Industrial Maintenance and Mechatronics Training teaches the specialized skills required for today’s industrial technicians. JobMaster® provides a superior blended learning solution for mechatronics and industrial maintenance training by combining industrial-grade components with engaging e-learning content. Quality Hardware No other training system provides exposure to industry-standard practices like JobMaster®, with hardware platforms consisting of industry-standard components. From VFDs to solar-voltaic cells, all components are sourced from the same suppliers used by industry. All wiring includes frame-mounted industry-standard conduit and is terminated with crimped ferrules, like those found in industry. This allows students to learn the wiring techniques and skills critically needed by industry. Skill-based E-learning Content JobMaster® curriculum is skill-based, developed by industry experts from Fortune 1000 companies across a wide range of sectors. Self-paced e-learning curriculum reinforces concepts by guiding students through skill-based activities using the hardware. Skill-based training consists of individual exercises that reproduce essential tasks performed by maintenance technicians, equipment operators, and machine repairmen. Each skill has been analyzed and field-tested by qualified maintenance technicians to teach the specific skills needed in the industrial environment.

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