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Technical FAQ



Q: Can I run multiple product network licenses with one network license manager/server?


A: Yes, as long as they are different products, (you can not run multiple licenses of the same product on one manager/server, you will need to contact our office to have those licenses combined).  Please refer this article on Autodesk's support page for the instructions on combining different licenses: "How to combine license files for multiple Autodesk products".


Q: Why I am getting random errors or "crashes" with the Autodesk programs?


A: Because of the vast functionality of the Autodesk programs, issues are found from time to time with speicific features or configurations of the software.  Autodesk routinely relieases service packs and fixes for these issues to keep users moving along with little downtime.  We always recommend installing these first when problems occur, and then if the problem persists contact our support team.  The service packs and fixes can be found on Autodesk's support page here: "Service Packs & Downloads".


Q: Why am I getting a message that "no licenses are available" when I try to activate my standalone licensed products?


A: This is common when the all the available licenses have been previously activated for a standalone license. It is easily corrected by calling Autodesk's activations group at 800-551-1490 and give them your serial number so they reset your activations.


Epilog Lasers


Q: Why is my laser engraver not engraving or cutting as deep as it used to?


A:  Be sure to check your power settings in the Dashboard with the recommended settings in the user guide.  Also ensure the mirrors and lenses are clean and not damaged.  Refer to the user guide section titled "Engraving Machine Cleaning" and follow the steps outlined there. Contact our support team if the problem persists.


Q: Why is the laser not "firing" for the first few seconds or minutes when I start a new job?


A:  When the machine sits powered off for a few days or weeks the gases in the laser tube have a tendancy to settle, and sometimes it takes a short time for the laser to energize again before it starts "firing". This is normal and we recommend running a test job first to get the laser charged if it has been powered off for a while.


Q:  Why does the USB driver in Windows 7 keep saying the laser is "offline"?


A:  The are specific instructions for installing the laser driver in Windows 7 for it to be permanently successful.  Please refer to Eplilog's support page here: "How to Install / Troubleshoot a USB Connection over Windows 7".


SANS Sony Language Labs


Q:  Why was one or more of my students voices not recorded?


A: There are several things that could cause this, please use the checklist below to try and troubleshoot the problem, and contact our support team if the problem persists.

  • Is the USB headset plug loose? Uplug and replug the headset back in the USB port of the PC.
  • Is the MIC level turned down? Check the "RECORD CONTROL - MIC" level in the Soloist volume controls.
  • Is the microphone too far away from the mouth? It should be about 2 finger widths distance for proper recording.
  • Is the microphone no longer funcitoning? Disconnect the headset from the cable and try another headset.


Q: Why are the recordings not there when I collect work?


A: This a common problem with Windows 7 and certain versions of Windows server. It is a known issue with Microsoft.  If you want to see the recordings immediately, create a new folder in the folder where the recordings were collected, then press F5 on the keyboard to refresh the window.  After the recordings appear you can safely delete the new folder.


Q: Why does Soloist give a "File not Found" or "Permission Denied" error message when I open a source file from Virtuoso?


A: Make sure the source file is located on the designated language lab server, not on a removable drive or the teacher PC.  Also make sure the user logged into the Soloist PC has the correct permissions for the language lab server.


Stratasys 3D Printers


Q: Why did my FDM 3D printer stop feeding material from the head?


A: This is referred to as a "Loss of Extrusion" and is common. The material has probably jammed in the head, (similiar to a normal printer paper jam), and needs to be cleared for it to feed properly. Refer to the "Troubleshooting" section in the user guide titled "Recovering from a Loss of Extrusion". The simple steps there will help you clear the head jam. Contact our support team if the problem persists.


Q: Why are my exported STL files from Autodesk Inventor the wrong scale size when I open them in CatalystEX?


A: When exporting an STL file from Inventor you must use the "Options" button in the save dialog box and choose the correct "UOM" that the part was designed.


Q: I recieved an error code on the front display of my FDM 3D printer, what should I do?


A: Write down the error code and send it to our support team for evaluation, this will help us determine what the cause was.  Then completely power down the printer for a few minutes and then power it back on again to see if the error code persists. If the error code returns, contact our support team for further help.

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